africrops! consulting supports the development of organic agriculture in Gambia

Following the change in political leadership in Gambia (West Africa) the new government under president Jammeh has made it its goal to develop its agricultural sector. Within this context organic farming and the training of “green” specialists has experienced a new boost.

Private sector actors have approached africrops! to professionally support and help realize these goals. The consulting efforts entail a wide range of activities, including support in the organic certification process, providing expertise regarding the cultivation of high-quality organic products and developing a concept for capacity building and training of experts.

Dr. Wesselmann taking soil samples.

To complete the complex process for the organic certification of plant-based raw materials according to EU-guidelines a feasibility study was carried out. As part of this study samples of the soil were taken and analyzed by a German laboratory. The findings were very positive, so that the implementation phase can now begin.

Vorlesung an der Uni

Dr. Wesselmann during his lecture at the University of Banjul.

Well-trained experts in the areas of agriculture, gardening, processing and environmental protection, as well as all other related fields complete the circle. In relation to this Dr. Andreas Wesselmann held a lecture on the topic of “Entrepreneurship in Agribusiness – opportunities and challenges of organic farming in Africa” at the University of Banjul.