Botanical raw materials.
Africa’s most valuable natural resources.

The huge continent Africa is still mostly untouched by the excesses of western agricultural practices. Here, valuable plants whose benefits for the human body have been known for centuries, are able to grow under ideal conditions. We import them – organically certified and controlled.

Moringa, Baobab, Hibiscus.

Baobab, Moringa and Hibiscus are examples of our product portfolio. With these and other products, we serve a growing demand for innovative plant products for food production, dietary supplements, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and animal feed.

The sustainable use of renewable resources is a basic requirement in everything that we do.

Leaves · Leaf Powder · Dried Flowers · Seeds · Cold-pressed Oil

Moringa (Moringa oleifera), also known as the miracle tree. No wonder with so many miraculous properties.

Fruit Power · Seeds · Cold-pressed Oil

Baobab (Adansonia digitata), known as the pharmacy tree, hinting at its many uses.

Dried Flowers · Dried Flower Powder

Hibiscus (Hibiscus sabdariffa) Already the deep-red color hints at the sweet-sour flavor explosion hidden in this flower.

Organic certification and quality assurance.

Tested and proven quality.

We support our partners in organic production and processing according to the highest quality criteria. This includes comprehensive training, the provision of teaching materials, Standard Operation Procedures (SOPs) and the EU organic certification.

Once in Germany, we have each product batch inspected for residues and microbiology in a statistically ensured way at an accredited laboratory.

Our Premium Brand.

Organic Plant products in a premium quality as it can only come from Africa!

The Essence of Africa is the premium brand for African products in the German market. The products contain valuable, natural nutrients in high concentration and high availability for a balanced diet. Athletes, vegans, vegetarians, raw food fans and other health conscious individuals value the special benefits of these superfoods.

All products are sourced from controlled organic, pesticide-free and sustainable cultivation and are already inspected for residues in their country of origin.

Once in Germany, additional analyses are made by food chemists of a DIN EN ISO/ IEC 17025 accredited laboratory according to BNN (Bundesverband Naturkost Naturwaren e.V.) criteria. Additionally, africrops! GmbH is organically certified according to EU-ÖKO-VO with the checkpoint DE-ÖKO-006.

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