africrops! supports the international research Project „BAOFOOD“

logo-baofoodprojectThe “BAOFOOD“ project funded by the German federal Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Consumer Protection, is investigating the application possibilities of the Baobab tree, with the aim of improving the food supply in Africa. In fact, a research network of public and private actors was created, which is coordinated by the University of Rhein-Waal. africrops! is helping herby to build of a local economy and in the scientific field. 



(from left): Meinolf Kuper, Mrs Professor Kehlenbeck, Dr Andreas Wesselmann in the Geenhouse of the University

The extensive and already well-established producer network of africrops! provides a promising approach to building local structures for the marketing of baobab foods. Building on this, africrops! aims to build up a global sales network for Baobab food to bring foreign trade to the forefront and on equal footing. Due to the long experience of africrops! with the raw material Baobab, scientific partners are also supported in the formulation of research questions.

The BAOFOOD project includes comprehensive research activities on the benefits of the Baobab tree as a food product and the optimal handling along the entire value chain, with particular emphasis on sustainability. This includes exploration of the biology and ecology of the baobab tree and the geographical coverage of trees using digital technology. Furthermore, extensive research on the production and optimization of food using traditional and modern methods, local marketing, measuring the contribution of baobab products to nutrition – and income situation of the population, as well as market analyzes in Kenya and Sudan is performed.

logo uni rhein-waalThe project manager responsible for the Rhein-Waal University of Applied Sciences, Professor Darr and other university colleagues met with Meinolf Kuper and Dr. Andreas Wesselmann, two of the three managing directors of africrops!. All the details of the cooperation were discussed during this meeting. The entire network of partners consists of various research institutions, NGOs as well as companies from Germany, Kenya, Sudan, Malawi and UK.

In addition, both africrops! representatives gave the students the opportunity to learn more about “Entrepreneurship in Agribusiness – opportunities and challenges in Africa – the example of africrops! GmbH “. The lecture was very well attended and was followed by international students and curious observers with keen interest.


Dr Andreas Wesselmann as guest lecturer on “Entrepreneurship in Agribusiness”


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