Before the end of the year, africrops! is expanding its product range once again and now offers sustainably sourced baobab oil with a range of health benefits.

Sustainably produced baobab oil from Tanzania

Over the years, africrops! has established a local network of close and reliable partners in Tanzania Last month, our Managing Director, Meinolf Kuper, visited our local partners, advising them on the process of producing baobab oil.


Producing baobab oil is quite work-intensive. After the harvest, the baobab fruits from certified organic wild growth are opened and the contents is separated into fruit powder and seeds. The seeds are then pressed into oil using the cold press method. To make 1 liter of oil, more than 20 kg of seeds are needed.

This year’s harvest of baobab took place in July and August with more than 100 families and small farmers in the rural areas of Dodoma collecting the fruits. As a result, these people were able to generate employment and to earn an additional income in an otherwise sparse environment.

Baobab skin protection oil – for beautiful and healthy skin

Baobab Öl, 100ml

Baobab oil, 100ml

The oil is known especially for its moisturising and anti-inflammatory properties. With a high content of essential fatty acids, baobab oil moisturises, regenerates the tissue and protects the skin from moisture loss. It cares for rough hands, cracked fingernails and makes dull hair silky and shiny again. Its calming effect promotes the healing process of skin diseases such as psoriasis, eczema, allergies or acne, as well as inflammations and sunburn.

When used as a massage oil, baobab oil is particularly invigorating and leaves a wonderful feeling of elasticity, freshness and smoothness on the skin. In addition, the oil has a high content of antioxidants and prevents the development of wrinkles and stretch marks.

The Essence of Africa offers baobab oil in attractive 100ml glass bottles in our online shop and well-stocked Alnatura stores.

Are you a retailer and would like to sell baobab oil in your store? Or would you like to process baobab oil further, creating your own products? Please click here for an individual offer.