A Visit to our cooperation partner in Tanzania

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Our Managing Director Meinolf Kuper has just returned from his trip to Tanzania in East Africa where he met with our producers. Some of the activities on the schedule included to build a supply chain for certified organic products, provide quality assurance and advise on organic farming. This was mainly regarding the production of Baobab powder from the Dodoma region in the country’s interior and the expansion of the production of Moringa leaf powder and Moringa oil. In the port town of Dar es Salaam, where africrops! supports a pilot farm, Meinolf Kuper was able to convince himself of the successfully installed systems implemented there to dry the Moringa leaves. “It is really fun to work with our partners here in Africa. Through our close contacts and on-site visits, our suppliers now produce very high-quality products, which enables them to gain access to the export market and improve their living standards. ”


WebOur partner AfriCraft

In addition to the field of plant-based raw materials, the AfriCraft cooperation partner was advised. AfriCraft is a leading recycler of waste products such as paper, metal cans, glass bottles and flour bags. From these waste materials innovative products are produced such as bags, tea lights and greeting cards. africrops! will soon add these products as an additional component to their product range.



Recycling and sustainability in school projects

This is an important contribution to raise awareness among children and teachers on waste and the consequences of littering cities, possibilities of waste prevention, collection management and the recycling of waste products. At the same time, children are given a better picture of what it means to be sustainable. The AfriCraft staff will start this teaching unit in the near future with the first two schools of a total of 800 pupils, to show children how they can learn to prevent waste. This completes the circle perfectly with africrops!, whom with the production and marketing of fruits and leaves of Baobab and Moringa provide a good example of sustainable management.